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The Sweet And [Queer Solidarity] Fund recognizes that many Missouri Trans and Queer Folks face systemic marginalization daily, and that during this global pandemic it will only be heightened. To help those queer and trans people in Missouri who are out of work or have little to no income at this time, this Fund will operate as a type of mutual aid project in order to provide funds directly to individuals from around Missouri.
It is when we help each other because people need it; a way to practice social solidarity and collective care. Watch this video to learn more:
Simply add your name and info to the STL Covid Fund Document at or call the St. Louis Queer+ Helpline at 314-380-7774 during their Friday-Monday hours and let them know when you need it and how much you are requesting. At this time, in an effort to spread this resource, there is a maximum gift of $200 per request. You can also call Metro Trans Umbrella Group at (314) 349-1402 to request funds.
People who are Sweet And - Queer Black, Trans, Caregivers, parents, and similarly situated folks will be considered with an added level of urgency. Anyone ‘Sweet And’ and residing in Missouri is eligible to request support from this Fund.
  • ‘In the family’
  • Studs, Fems, Aggressives
  • Ballroom folks, Sex Workers, PLHIV
  • Anyone with a little extra ‘sugar in your tank’
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Asexual, Intersex, etc.
How do we know you’re telling the truth? If we don’t believe each other now, then when will we? Let’s all lean into being honest about how hard this is going to be for all of us and trust each other. The Fund intends to learn as we go, and we will be as transparent as possible about this effort at every step.
The Sweet And [Queer Solidarity] Fund calls on local & regional organizations to seed this fund with $10,000 by Monday, March 30 and sign on to encourage their communities to achieve the goal of giving out $50,000 by June, when this Fund will sunset. We call on anyone in Missouri with savings, organizational flexibility, or investments of *any kind* to commit to contribute to the fund 2x (once in April, and once in May). We hope to serve the approximately 25,000 trans and queer folks around the state who cannot wait for federal stimulus or may not fit into traditional employment situations
Handlers of this fund come from Music Freedom Dreams, the ACLU of Missouri Trans Justice Program, Metro Trans Umbrella Group, and the experienced organizers behind the St. Louis Covid Mutual Aid Fund. The funds are traveling through Metropolitan Community Church in St. Louis and you can donate here. Some of the team pushing for this fund to become a reality helped raised over $10,000 for a Black Trans Bike Tour that brought together over 50 black & trans folks around the country in 2019. If funds of this scale can be raised for a bike ride, we can certainly do it to help Sweet And folk to survive here in Missouri.
This fund is in the lineage of two funds coming out of hardest hit CA:

Thank you for all your support! We redistributed $30,000 to Trans and Queer Missourians between April and June!

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